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Comprehensive and Informative

Home Inspections

Big Lake MN

Homefax Inspections provides detailed inspections and first rate customer service in Big Lake MN.  It is our goal to make your home inspection an educational and informative experience.  Do not let you dream home become a nightmare.  Have a comprehensive home inspection by Homefax Inspections so that you know the condition of the home before you buy. 

Don’t Let Your Dream Home Become a Nightmare!

You have worked long and hard making many difficult decisions to select your future home.  At Homefax, we understand this.  We know you are emotionally wrapped in this home.  We will take a very in-depth, unbiased, experienced and professional look at your dream home to make sure you have a clear picture as to its condition.   If there are issues that need addressing, we want you to be aware their significance.  We will also present any issues with balance and in a manner that makes sense to the you.  We will not tell you whether to buy or not buy the home.  We are there to make sure you understand the condition of the home.  In addition, we will give you helpful maintenance tips and general operating instructions.

We begin to gather information the minute we answer the phone.  First we will listen to you and answer any questions you may have.  We will then ask questions about your future home, to determine if you have any specific areas of concern.  We will also describe the inspection process.  At that point, we are able to give you a price for the inspection and schedule a date and time, (usually within 48 hours of your call).  We will then immediately contact the agent regarding access to the home.

The inspector will arrive at the home 2 hours prior to the client.  This allows the inspector the opportunity to cover the in-depth inspection of the plumbing, electrical and heating systems without distraction which may cause items to be missed.  It also prevents the client from being required to spend 3-4 hours at the home.  The inspector will then complete the report with the client, review any concerns found and walk the client through the home with the report, providing information and training about the home.

At the completion of the walk-through, the client will have a printed preliminary summary report (or emailed) covering hundreds points.  The final report will include details regarding each system of the home as well as written comments describing any deficiencies.

Payment can be made in advance or at the time of the inspection.  We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

What does our inspection include?

  • Basement/Attic

  • Electrical

  • Exterior

  • Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Insulation/Venting

  • Interior

  • Plumbing

  • Roof

  • Structure/Foundation


Your home inspector will also inspect basements and attics for structural damage, moisture, proper ventilation and more.



We test a representative number of outlets, test all GFCI outlets, assess adequacy of number of outlets, We open the electrical panel and report on size, type, and sufficiency of service as well as identify any deficiencies visible.



We will look at doors, windows, siding, intruding vegetation, entryways, driveways, decks and more.


Heating/Air Conditioning

We identify type, size, age and condition of the furnace and air conditioning.  These are run and evaluated for performance.  (These systems may not be run if temperature is out of safe range of fuel is shut off.



We examine the insulation and venting in your home to make sure they are preforming at acceptable levels.

Insulation Installation


We will look at indoor windows, stairs, shelving, appliances, smoke detectors, electrical outlets and more.



All pipes, faucet, fixtures in bathrooms, laundry and kitchens will be inspected.  We identify size and age of the water heater an inspect for proper function.



Our inspection includes a thorough examination of your roof to determine its age, wear, proper installation including flashing and any potential damage. We look at the chimney, shingles, vents, trim and more.



We will find any broken connections or movement of the supports that can indicate a shifting foundation. Catching a foundation problem early can save you money by preventing damage to floors, walls, and the rest of your home.

Cracked Concrete Wall


We will compile the information into our computer and have a preliminary report of deficiencies available by print or email immediately.  Your complete detailed report will be available for viewing downloading and/or printing from our secure web site within 5 hours.  A printed and bound report will be mailed at no charge if requested.

Sample Summary Report


Sample Detailed Report

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