Well Equipment Testing

Green House

Homefax offers a 10-point Well Equipment Inspection to ensure that the well is performing properly.  Our Well Equipment Inspection Includes:


  1.  Pressure Tank Condition,  tank Air/pressure and volume

  2.  Electrical Disconnect

  3.  Pressure Gauge

  4.  Main Shut-off Valves

  5.  Proper “Kick –on” Pressure setting

  6.  Proper “Kick –off” Pressure setting

  7.  Pump motor electrical draw

  8.  Pump performance - output volume  gal/min

  9.  Water Contamination – Sand

  10.  10) Well head – Check wiring and potential for well contamination


If the property has a private well remember to include our 10-point well inspection with your General Home Inspections.  Click here for more information from the Minnesota Department of Health.