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Exterior of Modern Suburban House

Sewer Line Inspection

Having your sewer line inspected with a camera from the house to the street may be one of the best investment you can make when buying a home.  The cost of a sewer inspection ($225.00) can save you $5 – 10,000.00 or more in potential repairs.  Older sewer line are more easily damaged by tree roots, disintegrating materials or ground movement.  New homes with PVC or ABS tubing are more resistant to these factors.  However, occasionally even these materials are damaged by ground settlement or compaction from heavy equipment above.

The sewer line inspection gives you a view of the line from the house to the city connection (provided there are no obstructions).  We utilize Guy’s Sewer & Drain Service.  You will receive a video of the inspection as well as a brief summary of the condition of the line as well as any recommendations for repairs or further action steps if needed.

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