Why should I have a new home inspected?  The answer is simple, a home is a complex structure of mulitple integrated systems compiled by dozens of sub contrators and possibly over 100 tradesmen.  Often these tradesmen must alternate work schedules requiring several different sessions often weeks apart.  For example,  The electrician and plumbers must rough in their work and return weeks even months later to do intermeadiate work and then again for final finish and testing work.  There are many more examples of contractor interaction.  Sometimes even disagreement on who’s responsibility a certain task might be. It is easy for things to get overlook. 
One example of a oversight is on the Homefax website home page.  A section of a 25 year old home was found to with no attic insulation.  in addition, I have found dozens of plumbing stacks with the test caps still installed, rendering the plumbing stack useless and creating a potentially hazardous situation as well as a smelly one.  Other common items include, leaks in overflows on tubs and sinks, non-functioning outlets, mis-wired outlets, missing flashing and caulking, exhaust fans venting into the attic, exhaust or intake vents with incorrect style of cover and more.
Bottom line, is your new home worth investing $3-400.00 to get an independent, objective review of your new home.  You decide.