Infrared thermal imaging will soon be the standard in home inspections.

It is simply that powerful of a tool!

Without damaging the home, thermal imaging can uncover defects that otherwise would go undetected in a standard visual inspection.  Here are a few items that can be revealed with thermal imaging that can be impossible to see with the naked eye.

·         Moisture behind walls, ceilings and floors

·         Hidden leaking pipes

·         Over loaded or over heating defective electrical circuits

·         Missing, inadequate or ineffective insulation

·         Energy loss through air leaks, in windows, doors, walls, ceilings etc.

·         Defective, or blocked in-floor heat tubing, and air ducts

·         And More.

IR Thermal Imaging cannot see through walls but sometimes it feels that way.  Thermal Imaging is not the magic bullet or cure all for all possible situations.  With proper training, infrared thermal imaging is a powerful tool able to detect a multitude of building deficiencies not possible with the naked eye.  However, a lack of training can simply produce bad or confusing information.  An operator must understand the capabilities and limitations of the technology AND have a thorough understanding of building construction.  Be sure to hire an Infrared Certified Inspector.

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Infrared Thermal Imaging