I know getting a real estate transaction completed is often a difficult and complicated event.  So why should Realtors recommend testing for radon, adding another hurdle to clear?  First of all, agents must believe that radon is a threat to the health and safety of their clients.  Believe it.  Radon creates harmful radioactive particles that, when breathed into the lungs, bombard the lung cells causing damage that can lead to cancer.  The greater the exposure the more likely cancer may result.  The only way to determine if a home has harmful levels of Radon is to test for it.  You cannot go by what the house next door tested at or the house down the street.  Levels of radon vary based on many topographical conditions as well as particular home construction methods and styles.   The cost of correcting high levels of radon usually falls between $800.00 -$ 2,400.00.   This generally is not a deal breaker.  Often the seller realize they cannot sell an unsafe home and are willing to negotiate.  Is it worth putting your client’s health at risk?  Recommend testing!  Clients will appreciate that you care, especially if the results are high. If they are low they will have the peace of mind know that it is not an issue.