Crawl spaces in 100 year-old homes are not typically my favorite places to hang out.  However they almost always have a story to tell.  Often time significant structural changes have been made that compromise the integrity of the home.  Generally, these are evident from above.  Often times floors are sagging or very sloped.  (Kids love playing marbles on these floors).   Well this week down in the creepy crawl space of this 100 year-old home it was revealed that a substantial section of footings and bearing wall had been removed as well as a couple of floor joists cut clear through to make room for the "Utility Cellar" and new duct work.  This space was used to locate the furnace and hot water heater.  It worked well for that but it will require some  creative carpentry to properly shore up the upper structure.

Section of Floor Joist cut away-Sagging floor above

Footing & Bearing wall removed - Cracked floor joist