4) Good home inspectors are unbiased.  We are not motivated to convince you to buy a home or not buy a home.  If we are going to protect our reputation we must provide accurate unemotional information.  If we over or under state a condition we only stand to hurt our clients.  I believe it would be a travesty if I were to over state a condition which caused my client to not buy a home when there was no good reason.  Everyone involed will have wasted time, energy and heartbreak.  If I undstate something that is serious, the clients could end up in financial ruin.  In either of these cases, the clients and the agents have been seriously hurt.  Also, my reputation, is shot and I am out of business.   Yes I work extremely hard to communicate clearly and un-emotionaly.  Clients must understand the full significance of issues with there home.  That is my job.