3) Home inspectors go where most will not.  Afraid of heights?  Most inspector preferr to walk the roof.  Afraid of the dark or creepy crawly thing?  We love to venture into attics.  We also do crawl spaces although a little less excited about those things.  Why are these places so important? These places are seldom traveled and they are places where serious structural issues could present themselves.  Last month I walked a roof of a small rambler, shollow slop and not to high.  Very easy to do.  However there was a hole the size of a softball along side the electrical mast.  The hole was obviously there form several if not many years.  A simple visual check could have caught this years ago.  In fact, an inspection done by someone other than the shoddy roofer would have identified this when the roof was put on. The flashing around the electrical mast had been done improperly.